Sinaloa has mezcalero potential


The Agave Festival was inaugurated at the Art Museum, there will be two days of workshops, exhibitions, pairings, music and dance

MAZATLAN. – With the denomination of origin of mezcal in Mazatlán, San Ignacio, Concordia and El Rosario, Sinaloa has an international future in tourism and economy, said Norma Olivia Bañuelos Alvarado, director of the Festival Fiesta del Agave 2023.

She mentioned that a denomination as such this, added to the states that already have it, raises the quality of life in areas where there is agave, but, in addition, it gives old manufacturers the opportunity to have different types of agave for their mezcals.

“We do not even measure the importance of the designation of origin that we have just been granted in Sinaloa. A denomination of origin that triggers from the producers, the agave as a plant and the tourism that is going to come and gives us the opportunity to manufacturers”, she declared.

Bañuelos Alvarado pointed out that more than a competition between states to see who does better with mezcal, it is opening up a range of opportunities, since each area has a different agave, ranging from its texture, color, but also the years that each producer gives it to prepare it.

“There is a lot of echoes because they know the potential that there is in Sinaloa, we have the beach and mezcal in a single location, you can go to the beach one day and the next day to the mezcal route,” she said.

The agave expert added that, in Sinaloa, due to the history that exists, almost more than 100 years ago, the producers were granted the denomination of origin of mezcal and this makes more producers, more sources of work and more attractive. In addition, municipalities such as San Ignacio, Concordia and Rosario are detonated, which, although they are close to Mazatlán, could generate their own mezcal tourism.

The Agave Festival 2023 has arrived

In the courtyard of the Museum of Art, the first edition of Fiesta del Agave 2023 will took place this Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, in which more than 10 mezcal brands participate, as well as tequila companies from all over the country.

In this event there were cooking workshops with agave, cocktail contest, exchange of experiences, tasting, conferences on the importance of agave, differences between mezcal and tequila, music, dance and many more.