The other side of Isla de la Piedra: evidence of contamination of the mangrove ecosystem


The MazConCiencia organization for several weeks has carried out cleaning days in this space and evidenced the serious problem of contamination.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The beaches of Isla de la Piedra are among the most visited in Mazatlán, each holiday season it receive thousands of locals and tourists; its calm waves, fine sand and cool breeze make it the ideal place for bathing, as well as being able to practice other types of water activities.

It is one of the cleanest beach sections of the port, apparently, but there is another part of the island that is the opposite, that is completely polluted, a mangrove ecosystem that, despite providing very important environmental services for humans, it has become an open-air garbage dump.

The MazConCiencia organization has been carrying out cleaning days in this space for several weeks and has highlighted the serious contamination problem. This Monday they managed to remove around 75 kilograms of waste.

“Today MazConCiencia carried out a cleanup in the mangrove swamp on Isla de la Piedra, the amount of garbage accumulated there is incredible, plastic, dry ice and many other things, a place where migratory birds come to rest,” posted in social networks Sofia Trejo Lemus, representative of the organization.

In the released images, a variety of waste is observed, mostly plastics, microplastics, Styrofoam and even electrical appliances. The concentration of garbage is on the sand, but it is enough to walk a few meters into the water to notice the debris that little by little has been “swallowed” by the sea like sacks and tires.

The diver Ignacio Zatarain, who performs underwater cleaning, showed in a video a panga full of sacks full of garbage and urged colleagues and citizens in general to act and compensate the sea a little for all the benefits and resources it provides.

“It seems that it is a lot, although it is a lot but it was much more there, we didn’t even scratch the surface, we need to do something now, a few volunteers, those friends who have a panga and an engine to lend us a hand and do something dirty here, it’s urgent, so much that the sea gives us, we have to pay it back with something too,” he said.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan