“El Químico” Benítez could face more charges for misapplied federal resources


Deputy Ambrocio Chávez assures that they will go to the last consequences in terms of corruption so that there is no impunity

Mazatlán, Sin.- The former mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, could face other criminal proceedings before federal instances, due to the misapplication of a much larger resource than the one in the case of the luminaries.

Deputy Ambrocio Chávez Chávez pointed out that at the moment “the Quimico” is facing justice for damage to the public treasury for more than 60 million pesos, derived from the 400.8 million contracts with Azteca Lighting, but that there is another case with a much larger amount that is still pending, this one before federal instances.

“Right now it is about 60 million pesos, but there is still 800 million pending.”

And it is that the Superior Audit of the Federation made several observations to the public account of Mazatlán for 2020 for the amount mentioned above, a federal item that apparently was misapplied and that the City Council could not solve.

Due to this situation, there is already a complaint before the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, which was presented by federal deputy Juan Torres Navarro.

Request for impeachment is still in process

The local legislator also added that in Congress there are two requests for impeachment against the former mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, regardless of the process he faces before the State Attorney General’s Office, which will be followed up.

“We have there in Congress, by citizen complaint, two political trials in process against the former municipal president of Mazatlán” he added.

He assured that the decision of the state government, through the governor and the legislature, to go to the last consequences in matters of corruption, specifically in the correct application of public resources.

“In this matter, the State Congress withdrew the municipal president of Culiacán in impeachment, we decided, we did it, and the one in Mazatlán is in process, and that process is not going to stop, it is not a game, it is about public resources contributions that the people contribute and we are obliged to apply the law, and that there is no longer that cloak of impunity or social distrust where they say: ‘nothing happens, they will settle there’.

 Mazatlán deserves worthy authorities

Given this panorama, Chávez Chávez said that Mazatlán deserves worthy authorities that truly represent what the port is: an active economy in tourism, culture, real estate development, the face of Sinaloa for Mexico and the world.

Councilors, deputies, popular representatives, we have to have a strong hand and we are pushing in that direction.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan