Mazatlán FC is having its worst tournament ever


Mazatlán FC, the professional soccer team from the port of Mazatlan is having its worst campaign ever during the 2023 Clausura Tournament of La Liga MX.

The Cañoneros have barely managed to get a point in the tournament after drawing on the road against the Gallos de Querétaro in week 8.

This means that they have only achieved 1 point out of 27 possible, which puts them in the last place in the standings.

However, those led by Rubén Omar Romano continue with the hope of being able to get out of this losing streak and start winning games, in order to score points.

The Mazatlecos have the obligation to get the victory in their next game of the season and be able to get out of the last position.

Cruz Azul will visit the port of Mazatlán in week 10 of the Clausura 2023 tournament after winning their last three games.

Source: ESTO

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