The expansion of Santa Rosa Avenue is coming


The Secretary of Public Works reported that they have a budget of approximately 24 million pesos to invest in this second stage that will reach the kraken

MAZATLAN. – The new stage of the construction of Santa Rosa Avenue is coming and the winner of the bidding was the REMCO, S.A. Construction Company. de C.V., as reported by the Secretary of Public Works in Sinaloa, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas.

He mentioned that the work will begin in approximately 10 days, and it will be the connection stage with Luis Donaldo Colosio avenue, making a viable circuit for those who circulate in the area.

“It is already proposed, there is only one issue the right-of-way that is already pending, we already have the budget to connect the part of the Colosio with Santa Rosa and again we are going to continue upwards, once we finish the connection, we are going to continue with that,” he said.

Just in December, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya inaugurated the first stage of this avenue, which, in a third stage, will run to the “Kraken” soccer stadium, decreasing the vehicular traffic in that area.

Zavala Cabanillas pointed out that the REMCO company has a history of projects in Mazatlán, it was the company that remodeled the boardwalk in 2018, prior to the Tianguis Turístico that was held in the port.

He added that the resources allocated to start this second stage, which also includes sidewalks, median strip and space for vehicles and cyclists, that are already available.

“Right now, it is 24 million pesos. I believe that in 10 more days, it has already been tendered, in 10 days work will begin there,” he said.

In December, the Secretary of Public Works in Sinaloa explained that the inaugurated work on the expansion of Santa Rosa Avenue consisted of paving work on 1.3 kilometers with 20-centimeter slabs and with a resistance of 300 kilometers per square kilometer.