Liquid spills on beaches and ocean are a problem in Mazatlan


Despite the fact of being storm drains, there are continuous discharges. Whether it is rainy season or not, sometimes the spilled liquids have bad odors and a dark color

Mazatlán, Sin.- The discharges of liquids to the beaches area and ocean in Mazatlán, due to the different drains that exist in the coastal area, are increasing frequently and have become a problem, both in terms of urban image and pollution.

There are continuous discharges whether it is rainy season or not; even sometimes the liquids discharged have bad odors and a dark color that calls into question their origin, it is also known that even though rainwater and sanitary water (drainage) are conducted through different pipes, sewage discharges have been recorded on beaches as in Pinitos and Playa Norte.

It is precisely on this last beach where a citizen complaint was recently received for a drain at the Lola Beltrán and Ferrusquilla. The placement of a PVC pipe is observed from the retaining wall of the boardwalk to the beach area, which for several days has been pouring water of dubious origin directly into the sea.

In another citizen report, it was pointed out that these liquids had their origin in a storm drain and that they were being dumped by a construction company in the area.

Planning without report.

When questioned in this regard, the Planning Director, Wenceslao Paul Galindo, said he had no knowledge of the matter, since this type of report is first channeled to JUMAPAM and after the paramunicipal finds that the construction company is responsible, it is passed to the agency.

However, the municipal official explained that no type of waste, whether solid or liquid, resulting from construction activity, should end up on public roads, much less in pipes.

When a case like this happens and it is verified, the work is suspended until the Director Responsible for the Works goes to the Planning Department and the responsible person is located.

If found responsible, economic sanctions or temporary suspensions can be applied to both the construction company and the DRO, the amount of which depends on the type of work and the magnitude of the fault.

Likewise, Galindo said there is a DRO Admission and Control Commission made up of the two Colleges of Civil Engineers and the two Colleges of Architects that exist in the municipality, stablished the sanctions.

There are no sanctioned.

In the two and a half months that he has been in charge of the agency, he mentioned that seven DROs have been taken away, but for other reasons, such as building with an expired license or doing something totally different from those approved in the permit, so far no company due to mishandling or final disposal of solid or liquid waste have been punished.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan