They seek to combat fraud in vacation rentals in Mazatlan


The president of AMPI announced that they are working on two proposals to guarantee certainty of investment in condominiums and residences.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The real estate frauds that are registered in the port of Mazatlán are basically in vacation rentals.

Ismael Tirado Robles, president of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlán, commented that they are working to combat these bad practices in projects such as the Law of Real Estate Benefits and Services of the State of Sinaloa, as well as the registration of agents on a platform.

He recalled that last year the law was approved, but that only the approval of the regulation for the application is missing and with it give legal and legal certainty in the investment.

“It is important that citizens certify that they have the license, otherwise they would put their assets or investment at risk . We want to register a platform to make all the real estate partners aware of all the rents and that AMPI be the one who gives certainty of them and not fictitious pages, that is what we are looking for, we are in that process ”, he said.

Tirado Robles pointed out that the Real Estate Law arrived at a good time in Sinaloa, since it is a state that is in full real estate development compared to cities where the situation has gotten out of control due to bad practices and unfair competition, and that, although it is something unavoidable, it can be regulated more easily.

“The growth of the real estate market in Mazatlán has been so great, we do detect that it exists, there are things that are beginning to get out of control, but we are in very good time and space and good will, both from the developers and from the service providers ”, he expressed.

Minimum income of 6 months

The vice president of AMPILuciano Carrasco, explained that as real estate professionals they have already had meetings with some owners of condominiums and residences, who have changed their rental regimes, the minimum by contract being from 6 months to one year.

He reported that this new way of renting ensures greater confidence in the owners, protection of their investments in the medium term, but above all, security when renting and not wasting their property.

He called on those interested in renting or buying at the destination to verify that the property is certified, but above all that it is real, since identity theft has occurred on social networks.

“Most owners currently no longer want to rent, the issue is currently being closed, in most with rental terms from 6 months to 1 year, by closing this clamp they weaken the issue of fraud, “ he concluded.


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