Alluring Reasons to Set Up Home in Greenville, SC


Nestled in the northwest region of South Carolina, the city of Greenville offers an array of unique attractions. Whether it’s a thriving music scene, fascinating museums, outdoor activities, or gorgeous parks, there’s a good reason thousands of people across the country make the move to the city each year.

Of course, relocating somewhere new is a huge step to take. If you’re coming from another state, you’re bound to want to know as much as you can about the city before making it your home. We’re here to help with this. If your mind isn’t swayed just yet, here are some alluring reasons why it makes sense to set up base in Greenville this year.

Fantastic Downtown

We couldn’t possibly summarize Greenville’s Downtown area in a couple of words. This is because there are just so many exciting things to see and do! From its nightlife, restaurants, museums, and theaters, there is plenty for residents to get stuck into. In fact, this area is the most popular hotspot for entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Greenville Downtown is a brilliant place to soak up the atmosphere, mingle with locals, and get a real feel for the place. The area also has wide sidewalks, outdoor plazas, streetside dining, and lush trees that go all the way down Main Street.

Robust Economy

Home to a magnitude of businesses and industries, it’s safe to say Greenville has grown enormously over the years. The city is considered to be the economic engine of the state. While the city’s market may be regarded as medium-sized, it has plenty of corporate headquarters housed there. For those moving to the city for work opportunities, you’ll be happy to know Greenville has Fortune 500 companies based there. These include GE, Lockhead, and 3M.

Over the last year, Greenville has experienced strong economic growth. Don’t just take our word for it! The city has produced thousands of new jobs and over $1 billion in new capital investment. Young professionals looking for a fresh chapter will find it far easier to seek employment in Greenville when compared to other South Carolina towns and cities.

Lower Cost of Living

Let’s be real, wherever you reside in the country you’ll want to live a good quality of life. No one wants to spend the bulk of their pay packet on a mortgage, bills, and day-to-day expenses. The good news is if you opt for Greenville, the homes for sale in this city are considered more affordable than in other towns and cities.

Whether you’re after a townhome, condo, or single-family property, there are real estate agents like EZ Home Search who can help. They have a wide range of Greenville properties for sale that come with alluring price tags. The team can also provide more information on the cost of living in the city which could sway you into making the move sooner than you thought.

Brilliant Outdoor Experiences

If there’s one great thing about Greenville, it has to be its natural beauty. Across the city, there are a plethora of state parks and wilderness spots that provide tons of recreational opportunities to relish in the great outdoors. Some of the popular areas include Caesars Head, Paris Mountain State Park, and Lake Placid.

Across Greenville you can find an array of rivers, streams, and mountains to explore. Simply pack your essentials in a bag, grab your hiking boots, and head out and enjoy the nature all around you. Whether you’ve had a busy day at the office, or the kids are driving you wild, knowing you’ve got peaceful places to retreat to can make all the difference to your stress levels.

Glorious Weather

Are you in a state that’s known for its cold, chilly temperatures? If so, you may dream of being somewhere a little warmer (we don’t blame you!). Greenville is known for its glorious sunshine. Even the winter months in the city are short and typically cool. If snow does fall, we only tend to get 3 inches or so.

Regarding the summer, you may be delighted that the city doesn’t get scorching hot. However, it is a pleasant temperature to be out and about in. Because Greenville is surrounded by mountains, when a summer day arrives there is less humidity, which makes enjoying the city all more bearable.

Excellent Education System

Those with young children are naturally going to want to provide the best upbringing possible. A large part of this falls down to their schooling. A huge benefit of moving to Greenville is the city offers excellent schooling. In fact, the city has some of the best schools in SC, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Mauldin, Simpsonville, and Taylors are fantastic areas for schools. If you’re serious about moving to Greenville, make sure to look at schools in the neighborhood. You could talk to other parents in the city who can give you a heads up too. Before enrolling your kids in any school, it’s wise to have a tour of the facilities first. Also, check to see how the school compares to others on leaderboards.

Great for Foodies

Calling all foodies! Do you have an extensive culinary palette? If so, read on. Greenville offers so many different dishes that will charm your taste buds and then some. In Greenville’s Downtown area alone, there are over 100 restaurants to dine at which stretch half of Main Street!

Some of the top eateries in Greenville include Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar, Trappe Door, and Smoke On the Water. Because of their popularity, you may need to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment, so bear this in mind.

Superb Healthcare Facilities

Should you fall ill at any moment in Greenville, you want to know the best healthcare facilities are a stone’s throw away. Thankfully, you can put your mind at ease with this city. Greenville is currently served by two major healthcare systems, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System and Prisma Health. The former is private, whereas the latter is public.

Prisma Health is widely known as South Carolina’s most comprehensive healthcare provider. Bon Secours St. Francis Health System boasts excellent patient satisfaction ratings in the entire United States too.

Good Location

Wherever you make the big move to, you’ll want to pick somewhere that has excellent transport links. After all, if you’re moving away from loved ones, knowing you can go and visit easily is a must. If you need to hop on a plane to visit relatives and friends, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport is nearby.

Those who love beach life can head to Myrtle Beach, which is only a few hours drive. There are other cities you can visit, including Knoxville, Atlanta, and Charlotte, which aren’t too far away. Greenville also has brilliant public transport. Whether you need to take a bus, train ride, or cab, you can get around the city with ease.

Categorized as a friendly town with an energetic, strong spirit, Greenville’s unique charm is what draws in people from all over the country. While many come to visit, plenty decide to set up base in the city. As shown above, there’s no denying the benefits Greenville residents enjoy once they relocate.

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Categorized as a friendly town with an energetic, strong spirit, Greenville’s unique charm is what draws in people from all over the country. While many come to visit, plenty decide to set up base in the city. As shown above, there’s no denying the benefits Greenville residents enjoy once they relocate.