Why did houses go up in price? AMPI explains it


The president of AMPI Mazatlán informed that they are in communication with the municipal authorities to advance in the urban infrastructure along with the real estate

MAZATLÁN.- Have you ever wondered why housing is going up? According to the Association of Real Estate Professionals, this is due to the rise in construction materials, but mainly of land.

“Apart from the law of supply and demand, it is also due to the increase in the cost of materials and land, so it is a matter of supply and demand that makes land more expensive, but also materials,” stated.

The AMPI secretary pointed out that the shortage of materials has meant not only in Mazatlán, but also at the national level, real estate complexes have raised the price, but they maintain the expectation that this will be regulated or that costs will be leveled.

Ismael Tirado Robles, president of AMPI Mazatlán, pointed out that the projection of Mazatlán that they had as a sector 10 years ago has been surpassed, but without a doubt, it is improving for homes as well as for towers and apartments.

“Housing at the national level is growing, not only in Mazatlán, the price ranges for affordable, average affordable and residential housing are having very similar price in any other city,” he said.

Regarding growing along with public services, Tirado Robles reported that they have had various meetings with municipal authorities to learn about their development plans aimed to improve drainage, drinking water, roads, among other things.

It continues to be a very good business to buy in Mazatlán, for the people who continue to buy, they earn capital gains in pre-sales, it is the ideal time to invest and when they buy the properties, they realize that it was a good decision.

“Growth has to go hand in hand, we cannot grow in real estate developments if the services are going to collapse, the projection of services we had was 10 years, of course, is shortening the time therefore we need to reform it, the authorities already have it in their plans,” he commented.

Source: Punto.mx