There are obsolete units: Public Security in Mazatlan needs 50 new patrols


There are about 40 units that are in poor condition, said the Secretary of Public Security, Jaime Othoniel Barrón; he assures that he has reduced the “huachicol” in the corporation

Mazatán, Sinaloa.- In order to cover the entire municipality and to replace the units that are already in poor condition, the Mazatlán Secretary of Public Security requires at least 50 patrols cars, considered Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez.

The Secretary of Public Security assured that 50 units would be optimal, since there is currently a total of 40 that are in poor condition or in the process of being withdrawn.

The police chief said that it would cover the loss of old units with the new ones that the corporation requires, since currently 70 percent of the vehicle fleet works.

“That is what is being requested and it will depend on the budget. There are some that are being analyzed whether to continue in service or not, such as the case of the armored vehicles, that will be analyzed or once again review the bailment contract or return them to the state”, exposed the public security official.

Barrón Valdez said that the two “rinos” or armored trucks that are paralyzed in the corporation’s yards will be analyzed if they return to the State Government.

Source: Linea Directa