Why Mazatlán will be named Heroic Port? Deputy explains it


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- During the last solemn session of the town hall, Mazatlán was approved to be recognizes by the State Congress in Sinaloa itself  as Puerto Heroico (Heroic Port).

The deputy Celia Jáuregui Ibarra, secretary of the Tourism Commission in the State Congress, explained that the CLVIII anniversary of the heroic defense of the port of Mazatlán is close to being celebrated and here are still standing vestiges of enclosures that were a key piece in history of Mazatlan.

With this, she said that it also seeks to preserve history and make it known to the new generations that sometimes do not know what is behind the life that we know now.

“Imagine right now how many teenagers have no idea why there is naval combat at Carnival. So, starting from the fact that Mazatlán is distinguished from the rest of the sun and beach tourist destinations in Mexico, because it is a city and a port with permanent active cultural life and what makes it unique is precisely its Historic Center and the history that lived within Mazatlán and the contribution that Mazatlán made to Sinaloa so that we have a homeland”, she commented.

She recalled that the port of Mazatlán and above all, the Fort 31 de Marzo, were a key piece during the attack by the French war corvette Cordelliere, and that it is the historical fact that is behind the naval combat that all of us know and experience. during the Carnival celebration.

That is why she said, that this venue will be the one chosen to carry out the transfer of powers and this session will be held where the port will be recognized as a heroic one.