Learn about the Ecology operation to sterilize stray cats


The goal of this program is to prevent the exponential growth of stray cats.

Through the Animal Welfare and Control Center (CEBICA), different colonies of Mazatlán are visited looking for the capture of these animals, for their transfer and consequently, their sterilization.

How does it work? CEBICA personnel go to a colony daily, preferably at night, and place cages with bait inside them. The animals enter in the trap and once captured they are taken to the facilities of this Center, where they are sterilized, to be returned to the place where they were captured.

To this operation are added awareness talks with the neighbors, to avoid the excessive reproduction of animals and with it, abandonment.

CEBICA staff reports between 10 and 30 cats captured in a single day, the operation will remain in force throughout the year.

In addition to these actions, the Animal Welfare and Control Center with its facilities at Avenida Del Sol 8795, Los Magueyes subdivision, receives 10 to 12 animals daily, including dogs and cats, for sterilization, in addition to providing basic medical assessment services for free.

Source: Punto.mx