Coloring Sinaloa program continues this year


The director of Promotur announced the start of work in Copala, La Noria, Celestino Gazca, Elota and San Javier

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To continue improving the image of the towns with a tourist vocation, the Trust for the Promotion of Tourism of Sinaloa will continue this 2023 with new projects through the “Coloring Sinaloa” program.

The general director of Promotur, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, explained that the start of work in Copala, La Noria, Celestino Gazca, Elota and San Javier is already at hand, where a total of 28,233 square meters will be painted.

He stressed that it seeks to position these towns in Sinaloa as a tourist destination proposal that people cannot miss, since each one has a special attraction.

“We want them to become mandatory sites to visit, because we know that this will reactivate the economy for the families, direct and indirect providers of products and services” he said.

“Coloring Sinaloa” is a program through which local labor is hired and trained so that facades and public spaces are painted.

Reséndiz Memije pointed out that they want to continue promoting towns that offer the best experiences to national and foreign tourists.

“Our commitment is to continue with actions to improve the image of the towns, we already have success stories such as Teacapán, where people are very happy because the port significantly improved its image, in addition to Chametla, one of the unions with the greatest cultural wealth and history of the Magical Town of El Rosario”, he expressed.

The state official emphasized the coordination that he maintains with the secretariats of Tourism, Economy to make these projects a reality.

“By indications of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, we permanently maintain actions with a social sense, that is, we do everything focused on the well-being of families that depend on tourist activity, we are interested in and concerned with the flow of tourist activity and therefore, the economy”, he concluded.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan