Curiosities that the BTC symbol has generated


The positioning of digital currencies worldwide is evident, so talking about Bitcoin automatically if symbology comes to mind. For a secure trade, you can trust this platform which is used by many trading professionals.

They have embodied it in various billboards, stamps on means of transport, in the shop windows where it is accepted as a method of payment, and on the Internet when entering any search engine, the symbology is reflected, which has demonstrated the ability to self-advertise and create high-impact marketing campaigns with just your name.

The process of creating the BTC logo

When a graphic designer creates a logo positioned in the minds of users and potential future users, it takes work. It is because the image that represents a specific good, service, or product must have a set of characteristics that remain fixed in the eyes of consumers.

Many companies that have achieved global positioning have invested millions of dollars in setting up work teams where graphic designers, through meetings and training, must accomplish the goal of positioning the brand in the minds of consumers.

In the specific case of Bitcoin, despite having gone through several transformations anywhere on the planet, the logo created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself is easily recognized.

This initial logo consisted solely of white BC letters on a gold background. Something relatively simple that, as you can see, kept the gold color as a reference to gold, a mineral that inspired Nakamoto in the creation of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto’s main intention was the automatic identification that Bitcoin was related to the monetary system where possibly the most widely used currency worldwide is the dollar and hence its similarity.

The graphic representation of Bitcoin through its logo has naturally reached the level of recognition where the sophisticated processes of design and digital and traditional marketing are separate from the large amounts of money invested to achieve this positioning among individuals.

During the exhaustive process of creating the bitcoin logo, they proposed to use the symbol for the Thai baht ( ฿ ). However, there were diverse opinions where some supported the ampersand (&), others suggested adding a letter T to the already established BC, and thus they finally trusted to develop the letters BTC as the digital currency symbol with the most significant impact worldwide.

Some many models represented in some way what Bitcoin intended to expose. Still, only one version was the one that described the concept he wanted to convey, represented by the Thai baht symbol.

Despite Satoshi’s best efforts, many operators didn’t bother to criticize the new logo version, in some cases in a rather blunt and persistent manner.

The creation and establishment of the symbolism for such a controversial digital asset had to represent somehow the financial and socio-economic impact it brought with it. But unfortunately, Bitcoin is a multipurpose tool whose real impact has yet to reach its full splendor.

Before the creation and final approval of the bitcoin logo, all users gave it to the creator, who is none other than a network user who, under the pseudonym “BIG BOY,” managed to reflect what bitcoin represents visually.

This ingenious user decided to use the symbol that Satoshi had established with the previously raised letter B, only that the latter figured it in white and around an orange circle, where the symbol ฿ was leaning to the right. And this is how the emblem would represent bitcoin since its established creation.

Notably, the Bitcoin logo now resembles that of other payment methods, leaving no doubt about its intended use.

Although the BITBOY design for the Bitcoin logo has endured, only some are happy to leave it that way.

One group, in particular, has lobbied for a logo change for the past six years. The “bitcoin token” movement has argued that Bitcoin needs a representation like a dollar, a euro, or a yen rather than a logo.


Simplicity is the main characteristic of the Bitcoin symbology; in addition to its similarity with the symbology of the dollar, the euro, the yen, or the lira, it is easy to identify when seeing that it represents a currency, only digital.

Although many want to change this symbol that has worked efficiently for the objectives of the bitcoin platform, others prefer to leave it as it is since it has many important characteristics, such as volatility or the prediction of its value over time.