Mexico’s Rapidly Expanding iGaming Industry


It’s no secret that the iGaming industry operators have noticed Mexico’s vast iGaming potential. Mexico is well-positioned to become a major player in the global online gambling market thanks to its large population (almost 130 million people) and strong mobile penetration (about 80%). In this article, we will discuss the current state of the Mexican iGaming market and our projections for its future growth.

Mexico’s Regulation of Online Gambling

Since online gambling is not expressly prohibited by the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law of 1947, this rule from 2004 permits it. B2B suppliers do not require a separate gaming license, but online operators do need one. On the other hand, the identities of service providers must be made public by the relevant operators.

The dozens of online sportsbooks and casinos that accept and aggressively welcome Mexican players are affiliated with internationally regulated operating organizations.

The Current iGaming Market in Mexico

Around $500 million in GGR is projected for Mexico’s iGaming market, with year-over-year growth of about 10%. There are two main sub-industries within the gaming market: casinos and sportsbooks. The SEGOB (Secretariat of the Interior) requires online operators to obtain a license, and operators must pay a 30% tax rate on GGR earnings. However, B2B suppliers are exempt.

With nearly 80% of the population of Mexico predicted to own a smartphone by 2020 already, operators are catering to this demographic by offering mobile-friendly experiences and applications to ensure that players have access to the features they desire (like our new Ifbet function) and keep up with the competition.

Mexico’s Popular Online Games

As is the case in many other countries, slot machines are a huge draw in Mexico’s most popular online casinos. Blackjack’s fame has led several online casinos that rank to devote major sections of their home pages to the game. Live dealer casino games like blackjack and roulette are also top-rated.

While Mexican online casinos offer many of the same games as their international counterparts, local players have the tastes that set them apart. Video slot games based on popular culture from Mexico and South America are gaining popularity. The industry for online casinos in Mexico is mature enough to support a wide range of popular games, mobile gaming experiences, bonuses, and VIP programs.

Mexico’s Favorite Sports To Bet

Each year, sports betting is expected to bring in more than USD 300 million in tax revenue for Mexico. Football is a religion in Mexico, as it is in the rest of the globe, and this devotion naturally extends to sportsbooks. The Primera Division is the highest level of Mexican football, attracting thousands of fans and millions of dollars in wagers each season. Mexicans also often wager on and watch games from other countries’ top leagues. The National Football League (NFL) regularly schedules games in Mexico City due to the surprise passion of Mexican sports fans for American football.

It’s common practice in Mexico to wager on baseball games, with bets being taken on both the Mexican Baseball League and Major League Baseball.

Mexican iGaming’s Challenges and Prospects 

Sixty percent of Mexican gamblers bet on sports, while the other forty percent play more traditional casino games, including slots, blackjack, poker, and the lottery. Operators will likely offer experiences in both categories, but the quality of those offerings will set them apart.

1. Experiences must grow

Competition from other companies offering superior digital sports betting and online casino games is a severe problem for operators based in Mexico. Because of the mature nature of the international market, participants have a good idea of what constitutes a satisfying experience. This has resulted in a rise in the availability of turnkey solutions that eliminate the requirement for in-house development through the proliferation of specialized service providers capable of incorporating cutting-edge capabilities into existing operations.

2. Promotion is crucial

Mexican businesses are investing extensively in advertising to keep up with rising client demand. Operators who want to expand their online business cannot afford to rely solely on above-the-line communications like billboards, radio, or word of mouth; instead, they must embrace social media and other major digital platforms to build brand awareness and show that they are experts in their field and aware of the significance of the digital landscape.

Future Trends in Mexican Online Gambling

Due to its rapidly expanding technological capabilities, dense population, and ambitious operators, Mexico is poised to become a major player in the iGaming market. We anticipate a significant expansion in Mexico’s iGaming market, with both current providers seeking footholds before demand is met.

The sector is still in its infancy in Mexico compared to Europe and North America, but that means only some of the opportunities have been taken. Operators in Mexico will likely form strategic alliances with tech providers like Delasport to rapidly close the gap and compete for customers.

Our online casino and sportsbook solutions have all the bells. They whistle a modern player might desire, making them ideal for businesses that want to get trading as quickly as possible. We’ve already created an effect in the sector by cooperating with Winpot, a licensed Mexican operator. We plan to form similar alliances with other businesses as the market develops.

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