With small but firm steps, cruise ship stay in Mazatlan advances


The head of the API says that more ships will be sought to stay longer in the city, thanks to the security projected by the destination.

MAZATLÁN.- The director of the Administration of National Port Systems in Mazatlán, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, commented that there is still no specific date for all cruise ships that arrive in Mazatlán to stay overnight at the destination; however, at least about four ships stayed for more than 24 hours this year, which shows that the tourist destination is considered safe by cruise passengers. 

He indicated that this year it will close with an average of 150 cruises, this is because many, at the last minute, make the decision to reach the cities or ports. This figure exceeds the arrivals of 2010, which is something important for the destination. 

Likewise, he also pointed out that the arrival of passengers is greater, and that they range up to 5 thousand people per boat between crew members and tourists.  

“I can’t tell you if it’s very far away or very close, because suddenly a ship arrives and suddenly it tells me, hey, I want to stay overnight; What we can do is what we are doing, try to get them to like Mazatlán more.” 

“Give them all the facilities to spend the night, since they have stayed this year, and three or four boats remained; Maybe, there are no suggestions, they stay more, that’s why it’s something that the line has to decide”, commented Ancona Infanzón.  

He commented that the issue of security is quite important for all visitors, and it is to be celebrated that the municipal authorities, through their different departments such as the Secretary of Public Security, the Tourist Attention and Protection Center, as well as the mayor himself Édgar González, among others, are creating favorable conditions so that they feel calm during their stay. 

Ancona Infanzón added that they are still looking for more cruise ships to stay, however, it is already decisions of the cruise lines to decide if in the near future the packages for tourists include staying one night in Mazatlan. 

The Virgen de la Puntilla will receive a ‘cat’s hand’  

On the other hand, the renovation works of the Cruise Port in Mazatlán will not only be in terms of infrastructure, since the modernization will also be enough to give a “cat’s hand” to the Virgen de la Puntilla. 

The rear admiral assured that rapprochement with the fishermen is already being sought, since they are the ones in charge of caring for her and providing her with flowers and candles, along with the believers who visit her daily.  

“We are fixing the fence, we are fixing the entire security part, the entire entrance to La Puntilla. We want to see, we are going to talk to the fishermen, to leave the most beautiful Virgin. We are doing all this and the health part, and after that we will see about the terminal, ”she pointed out.  

Finally, he added that, regarding the progress of the modernization of the destination, some maintenance work has already begun and soon the executive project will be finalized, since to build it an evaluation of Playa Sur and surrounding settlements will have to be made, since the Demand for services will increase.   

Source: punto.mx

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