All these sports projects are coming to Mazatlán in 2023


The budget for the fiscal year of the Mazatlan Municipal Sports Institute for 2023 will double.

MAZATLÁN.- Over the years, Mazatlan athletes have left the name of the city at the top in state, national and international events, Mazatlán being an important point of talent in various disciplines, for this reason, the substitute municipal president, Édgar González Zataráin, recognized that he will seek to bet more for 2023 with higher income. 

He indicated that now they hope to strengthen other sports areas in the city, and will not only focus on soccer since it was a year with an investment in the remodeling of some important fields in the port.

“We are going to coordinate various disciplines, because this year it was focused on soccer, we have to rescue many spaces in areas where good athletes come out, in neighborhood areas and rural areas, and in addition to putting the Sahop Sports Unit, it will be a great investment and a great redesign of that place comes a lot for the sport”, commented González Zataráin. 

The president pointed out that for next year several events of an international nature are planned on the agenda, in search of Mazatlán repositioning itself as one of the tourist ports, and at the same time in terms of sports, but the most remarkable thing is that The issue of support for athletes should not be neglected for any reason.  

He pointed out that one of the big events that are held for next year in the city is to bring a Triathlon of international stature, but they are also evaluating the possibility of bringing other events of great importance.

On the other hand, he announced that there is a federal program with an investment of more than 250 million pesos that will be invested in the rescue of sports areas, within the plans for 2023, where it is contemplated to support popular neighborhoods, where great athletes have come out. 

The works will focus mainly on the courts of Flores Magón, where they will be recovered and rebuilt; another will be the Urías baseball field, which will have a million-dollar investment, another will be in the Benito Juárez neighborhood, where Public Security was located. They will be community sports and cultural centers.

“We have more than 250 million pesos that will be invested in the Flores Magón, Urías, Benito Juárez neighborhood, another on the side of the soccer stadium, in total there will be five recreational, cultural, sports, and artistic community centers,” he said.  

They will seek to rehabilitate the CUM and the Germán Evers Court

The mayor also announced that some important spaces are going to be recovered, such as the Mazatlán Multiple Use Center, which is unused, and the Germán Evers Court. 

“The CUM has everything, although it was vandalized, we are going to recover it, it is well located, it has parking. Including, I want to tell you about the Germán Evers Court, which already lacks a real cat’s “hand” and a remodeling and restructuring that we also have contemplated, ”he mentioned.

They will double the sports budget

The mayor explained that for next year the sports budget will be doubling, to give talent a greater boost.

The budget for the Mazatlán Municipal Sports Institute, IMDEM, for the 2022 fiscal year was 39 million pesos, and by 2023 it is expected to double to 78 million pesos.

“A lot of resources are coming, we are going to double the budget for sports,” he stressed.


The Mazatlan Post