Flights are more expensive to travel to Mazatlan


The Secretary of Tourism in the state points out that more connectivity is needed in the destination, while the hotel businessman considers that it is rather a matter of supply and demand.

Despite the increase in the cost of flights to travel to and from Mazatlan, the destination is maintained with good hotel occupancy and oversaturated flights, said the Secretary of Tourism, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“We discussed in a meeting via Zoom with those in charge of this issue, that we occupy greater connectivity for Mazatlán and also that the price of the ticket decreases, because it is not possible that traveling to Cancun from Mexico City costs 1,500 pesos for a round trip and Here it costs eight thousand, despite that the flights come to one hundred, “he said.

The state official specified that when he was still mayor, the Ministry of Communications and Transport had already been asked to increase the port’s connectivity, but no results have been seen so far.

” The demand exists, before we believed that because there was not enough demand, now we are exceeded,” he added.

However, the issue has also been handled with the national SECTUR and they are already supporting them, he assured. Likewise, Benítez Torres considered that this situation did not put the winter season at risk, since it is when foreign flights from the United States and Canada double and triple.

Offer and demand

Questioned on the same subject, the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels Tres Islas, José Ramón Manguart, pointed out that the increase is more a matter of supply and demand and the market itself will be in charge of regulating it.

” Everything depends on the demand. If a date is still a long way away and there is a high demand, the prices will go up, if there is a little time left and there is a lot of demand, the prices will also go up, they are things of supply and demand that the market itself regulates,” he said.

He added that it is up to the hotel-tourism sector to provoke more demand through promotional actions, so these are sustained and subsequently there is interest from the airlines to increase connectivity.

“In fact, one of our approaches, within the Tourism Promotion Council, is the creation of a Flights Committee so that information is opened up, we can participate in decision-making and in due course we can seek greater national connectivity, I think that there are some areas of opportunity that are very favorable to destiny in all of this that is happening,” he added.

To know

The mayor of Mazatlán himself, Edgar González Zatarain, was one of those who indicated that the prices of the flights at the Mazatlán International Airport had become more expensive; to travel to Mexico City, to the march called by AMLO on November 27, he revealed that the cost of his ticket was fifteen thousand pesos round trip.

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