Busy Sunday! Mazatlán lifeguards rescue another six people from the sea


In three different interventions, they managed to save the bathers, who after being evaluated, presented only fatigue and nervous breakdown.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The strong winds that were being felt this Sunday, due to the entry of the cold front, caused the sea to be difficult and with this increased the rescues of bathers in Mazatlán by elements of the Aquatic Police.

On Sunday afternoon, thanks to the coordination between elements of the Aquatic Police and Lifeguard employees of the Lodging Centers, they allowed the rescue of six tourists who, in three different interventions, but in the same beach area had difficulty getting out of the sea.

Busy Sunday!  Mazatlán lifeguards rescue another six people from the sea

According to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the element assigned in the area identified as Playa Sábalo Dos, was the one who had the most work on Sunday.

In an action, three tourists from Durango, two women and one man, and after being assessed, reported that they did not require paramedics intervention.

Busy Sunday!  Mazatlán lifeguards rescue another six people from the sea

They said their names were Ana Karen, 25 years old, Cesar Ismael, 30, and Gabriela, 15 years old.

In a second event, Saúl, 18, and Rodolfo, 14, alerted the bathers to bring the lifeguard closer and help them get out onto the mainland as a sea current was pulling them towards the Breakwater area.

After a few minutes of keeping them afloat and keeping them safe, the pair of young people from Zacatecas presented only a picture of nervousness and fatigue.

In one last action, a local bather, identified as 22-year-old Omar, was helped by the staff who observed the person asking for help during the tour. This man received recommendations and later withdrew from the place.

Busy Sunday!  Mazatlán lifeguards rescue another six people from the sea

The commander of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Guadalupe Espinoza Bastidas, announced that this Sunday, the personnel dedicated themselves to providing recommendations to bathers due to the wind situation, but eight people were also saved in four different events.

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