Sting ray injures Canadian tourist on Mazatlan beach


Due to the bleeding wound, the tourist sought help and approached a lifeguard.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At Cerritos beach, north of Mazatlán, a bather was injured in the foot by a sting ray.

Given the incident, he requested help and was assisted by a preventive agent belonging to the Municipal Water Police .

The event was recorded on Wednesday afternoon when John “N”, 56, originally from Canada, entered the sea and when walking along the shore, the marine species injured him at the heel.

Due to the bleeding wound, the tourist sought help and approached the municipal lifeguard who, aboard an ATV, was carrying out a prevention tour in the vicinity of the Costa Bonita condominiums.

The agent answered the call for help, took him to a safe area where he gave him first aid and suggested medical attention, which the foreigner said he would seek on his own.

Along the coastal strip, the Aquatic Police warn bathers by means of white flags about the presence of jellyfish or sting rays that are present on the seashore at this time of year.

The Mazatlan Post