Literally, there is no more room for tourists in hotels in Mazatlan


Literally, there is no more room for tourists in hotels in Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – More tourism implies more challenges for a tourist destination and in Mazatlán this is being demonstrated, since it obtained a rating of 9.1 this 2022 from 9.5 that it obtained in 2021, precisely due to the increase in tourists who traveled this year, at least that is how it was identified in the summer study of the “Tres Islas” hotel association.  

This study, carried out during this holiday season, showed that it was precisely the increase in visitors that saturated public services, but also hotels, seeking vacation rentals and/or other types of accommodation as an option.  

“We had an increase in summer vacations, we had the best August in the last 40 years, we had a better July than in the last 40 years and managing so many people implies great challenges for everyone, for service providers, for hoteliers, the public , because all the services were saturated”, said José Ramón Manguart, president of the association.  

Manguart Sánchez explained that they did not expect the number of visitors who came in summer, who continue to focus their interest on three attractions, the beaches, the boardwalk and gastronomy, however, year after year they must seek to increase this to continue favoritism. from the people.  

They spent more this 2022

The hotelier reported that one of the data obtained in this study was the increase in average spending per tourist, of approximately 1,517 extra pesos per person per day, without considering transportation or lodging.  

That this, he commented, caused them to increase their vacation budget to 32 thousand 20 pesos, 9 thousand 794 pesos more than 2021, which reported a stay budget of around 24 thousand 226 pesos, with average stays of up to 4 days.  

Where do they come from?  

Manguart Sánchez added that the northern economic corridor continues to be among the areas of the country that most visit Mazatlán, however, and coincides with the results of Sedectur released in September of this year, where Mexico City is gradually positioning itself as a city interested in the “Pearl of the Pacific”.  

“The origin of the people is 20 percent Mexico City, 16 percent Nuevo León, 10 percent Chihuahua, 9 percent Baja California, 8 percent Coahuila, 6 percent Durango, 5 percent Jalisco, which we are practically talking about. 80 percent of tourism that visits us with an occupancy density of 4.8 people per room”, he said.  

This, according to Sedectur data shows that this 2022 an economic spill of approximately 3 thousand 850 million pesos, generating growth above 30 percent, compared to the summer of 2021.  

The traffic, the noise, and the lack of rooms are among the areas of opportunity 

And although tourism is liking Mazatlan, there are also areas of opportunity that have to be worked on. In this hotel association study, they highlighted traffic, noise, street vendors, timeshares, and lack of rooms.  

“Last year we had an evaluation of 9.5 percent, we dropped 4 tenths, it does not mean that things are bad, we have to rectify, we cannot go below 9, we must rectify and make important decisions for this to continue,” he added.  

If these areas of opportunity continue to appear in the next summer study of 2023, explained Manguart Sánchez, the responsibility lies with everyone, both service providers, restaurant owners, hoteliers and authorities, including citizens, by not seeking a solution for being a better destiny.  

The idea, he added, is that this summer study be used by the authorities, that they use it as a work tool and even work groups were proposed to be able to attack these areas of opportunity.  

“We want the authorities to use this study now as a work tool, so that a work agenda can be drawn up so that Mazatlán does better, it took 35 years for Mazatlán to be on its timing, right now we are in our timing and the decisions made at the destination, in the next two years, they will be crucial in a positive way”, he concluded.

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