He will fight in Mazatlan! “Bam Bam”, he wants to win in front of his fans this November 18


The preparation that he carries, the boxer native to Mazatlan, is very dedicated and he pointed out that he hopes it will be a great fight because before his fans will come out more motivated.

Sinaloa.- The function “KO en el Puerto” is approaching, brought by JD Promotions, and in which the local Ariel “Bam Bam” Salazar is presented, who pointed out that this November 18 he will return to those involved with the firm intention of go for that victory after having his last fight on December 20, 2019, with a knockout victory against Carlos Mauricio Rocha.

The preparation that the native boxer of the port is carrying out is very dedicated and he pointed out that he hopes it will be in the best way because before his fans he will come out more motivated and with the firm objective of leaving a good taste in the mouth, Salazar pointed out.

“I am happy that it is here in Mazatlán, since it will be my return and doing it with my people makes me feel motivated since I want to give my one hundred percent and leave a good taste in the mouth of the fans, I feel very good about myself. preparation, that is what we are working for,” added Ariel.

Likewise, “Bam Bam”, who has an undefeated record of 4-0-0 with a couple of knockouts, confirmed that his preparation has been: running, doing physical work, as well as preparing and improving his technique, since in the same way his participation will have a very special dedication for all those who support him, especially his work team and his coach “Chelín” Cruz, but above all to sponsors and his family who have all the support.

“I dedicate this fight to my work team, my coach ̈ Chelín ̈ Cruz , to my sponsors, to my parents, to my grandparents who have all their support for me, they support me a lot in what I am doing, to my girlfriend and to my son above all, he is my motivation to continue in this field”, concluded the boxer.