American woman arrested in possession of rainbow fentanyl and crystal in the Guadalupe Victoria sector of Culiacán


The arrest was made due to a neighborhood complaint before authorities patrolling the area

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- On the afternoon of October 21, when making a surveillance tour of the Guadalupe Victoria neighborhood, security authorities apprehended a woman for consuming prohibited substances on public roads. The policemen found the female due to a complaint from a neighbor, who, seeing the unit on which the officers were traveling, approached to report the presence for days in the young woman’s sector.

When approaching the woman, they informed her about a neighborhood complaint that was raised against her, for which they asked her to review it, to which she agreed, a cloth bag was found in which several translucent plastic bags containing some pills were found. blue and another plastic container with colored pills, presumably fentanyl in both cases.

She was carrying some transparent plastic bags with blue pills, fentanyl, as well as a bag and another container with colored pills with the legend M30 that, it is presumed, could be this same drug. approximately 400 grams.

Likewise, what could be crystal, cash and a gram scale were found, for which reason they proceeded to secure and transfer her to the corresponding federal authorities who will determine the type and weight of the substances.

She was also in possession of another substance in another bag that could be the drug called “crystal”, he also carried a gram scale, so the person and the substances were seized to present them to federal authorities to determine the status of the consigned person, as well as the nature of said pills and objects found in her possession. The nationality of the detainee is American.

The Mazatlan Post