Benítez Torres resigns from the position of Mayor of Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sin.- Accepted the invitation of the state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, to join his cabinet as Secretary of Tourism. After submitting his First Government Report in writing, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres presented before the Cabildo in full his resignation as mayor of Mazatlán and announced that he accepted the invitation of the state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, to join the Secretariat of Tourism.

Through official letter PM/2361/2022, which was read by the Secretary of the City CouncilEdgar González ZataráinBenítez Torres reported on his decision, which is voluntary and irrevocable and will take effect as of this Tuesday, October 25.

“Serve this to inform you, that in order to suit my personal interests, I have decided as of this Tuesday, October 25 of the current year, to resign plainly, plainly and expressly voluntarily and irrevocably, the position of Municipal President of the H. Ayuntamiento de Mazatlán, Sinaloa “, he read.

The resignation was approved unanimously.

He leaves with a confident face

In a brief farewell message, “the Chemist ” said he had accepted the invitation from the state president after deep reflection and added that this action validates the great work he has done at the head of the municipality.

“A great honor that is conferred on me and that validates the great work that the City Council ‘s work team did for Mazatlan, today with the head held high and in a dignified way I thank you all for the infinite collaboration that in one way and another have had with the city,” he said.

” Mazatlán will continue to grow in an unexpected way, something that flatters me a lot, and I ask everyone for their collaboration to continue transforming Mazatlán, for now, I am retiring to discuss issues that matter to me and to work together with the governor of the state to work that tourism in Sinaloa and Mazatlan, which is my city of origin, grows like never before in history,” he added.

What’s Next?

Consequently, the position of Municipal President of Mazatlán will be declared vacant, and the H. Congress of the State of Sinaloa must be notified of this voluntary resignation, so that it may make use of the powers conferred on it and of the vacancy, so that it may make use of the powers it confers.

It is expected that today at 12:00 pm the mayor will present his government report to the Cabildo and take advantage of the moment to request a license to then go to Culiacán to protest as head of the Sectur.

Who would stay for the mayor’s license would be the secretary of the City Council Édgar Augusto González Zatarain. Or a possible castling and María del Rosario Torres Noriega would be integrated as substitute mayor.

Comments can be read on Rocha Moya’s Twitter account:

Last Wednesday, legal personnel from the Superior State Audit Office went to the State Attorney General’s Office to file a lawsuit against the mayor of Mazatlan for alleged property damage for 60.8 million pesos to the detriment of the Municipal Public Treasury.

The foregoing after the contracts it made with Azteca Lighting were audited, when by direct award it tried to acquire 2,139 luminaires at 185 thousand pesos each, giving an advance of 60.8 million pesos.

It is in the process of verification if the complaint is valid and is linked to the process to request the removal of immunity from Benítez Torres. 

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