From 10 to 15 complaints per month receives Human Rights in Mazatlan


The visitor of the South zone Human Rights Commission says that there are 90 complaints so far this year.

MAZATLAN. – So far this year, 90 complaints have been registered with the State Human Rights Commission, of which 60 percent of them are against elements of public security, said Fermín Núñez Millán, a visitor of the Regional Human Rights Office in Mazatlan and south of the state of Sinaloa.  

He indicated that per month there is a variable registry of approximately 10 to 15 complaints of different kinds that range from physical abuse, and arbitrary issues, to a deficiency in the investigation of reported crimes, among the most frequent.  

“We have been attending to some complaints that have been filed, and we are also working on them by providing free legal advice and daily attention to people who approach the Commission,” said Núñez Millán.  

Núñez Millán stated that there are possibly people who do not file complaints because they do not have time to go to the authorities or are very busy, but up to now there is a good volume of complaints.  

Regarding the complaints of young people who were not allowed to enter schools due to haircuts or dyed hair, he commented that this problem had already been resolved in the schools.  

-In the case of Mazatlán, is it still the Municipal Police that commits the most violations?, he was asked. 

“Yes, it is the institution of the most indicated in this sense of the incidence of complaints, I believe that approximately 60 percent of the complaints we receive are on the subject of public safety,” he replied. 

-What happens if an authority does not comply with a recommendation issued by you? 

“Well, the Commission issues recommendations and follows up on compliance with them in this case; when they are not accepted, there is a mechanism to enforce it, in this case, for example, the affected party files a challenge before the National Human Rights Commission or that Congress be given a hearing so that the authority can explain the refusal to the Deputies by complying with that recommendation,” he said.  

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