In Mazatlán, more than 2,000 “chocolate” cars have been legalized


On January 19, the federal government published a decree to regularize 2.2 million “chocolate” cars, as used vehicles that enter the country illegally are known.

The term for the regularization of these units is extended, says the collector in Mazatlán, David González Torrentera.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Since last April, when the regularization process began for cars that are not legal to circulate in Mexican territory, also known as “chocolate”a total of 2,025 vehicles have been legalized to date, reported David González torrent.

The rent collector in Mazatlán said that the legalization of these units is to have a registry of them and circulate legally in and out of Sinaloa.

He explained that not any motor vehicle can access this process and mentioned requirements and which units cannot be registered.

“There are particular characteristics that the vehicles that are going to enter the regularization process must have, one of them is that they are manufactured in the United States, Canada or Mexico and in order to determine that, the serial number must start with a number from 1 to 5 That is part of the most important thing to identify in order to regularize a vehicle”.

He warned that they have to be cars that are not luxury, not sports cars and that they are from the 2016 models backward.

González Torrentera added that Sinaloa is one of the states that benefited from this decree, thanks to the efforts made by Rubén Rocha Moya, Governor of the state, and that in Mazatlán they have been working intensively to register the hundreds of aforementioned cars. .

As of the 3rd of this month, the system has been enabled again so that people can schedule their appointments through the site:


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