The trend of development goes towards the South of Sinaloa: Learn out why


The MLC, the Aerospace Park, the Santa María dam, the WTC, are projects that are already echoing internationally and there are manufacturing companies that plan to settle in the south of Sinaloa.

MAZATLAN. – The trend of growth and development in Sinaloa is directed towards the southern municipalities, from Mazatlán to Escuinapa, there are even manufacturing companies that are interested in settling in the area, reported the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel. 

He mentioned that projects such as the MLC, the Aerospace Park, the USMCA corridor of Grupo Caxxor, and the recently announced World Trade Center, are a complement and anchor for investors, not only nationally, but also internationally. 

“The trend is towards the south of Sinaloa… the issue of global contacts, manufacturing, export, import, trade in general, which brings us, different actors of the economy in general are coming together and in Sinaloa, particularly in Mazatlan,” he declared.  

Gaxiola Coppel pointed out that once the Santa María dam is working, the growth for the well-known “south-south” will rise, thus achieving a domino effect from Mazatlán to La Concha, in Escuinapa, which brings, among its benefits, connectivity and economic benefit.  

“More economy is generated in those municipalities, there is beginning to be more communication, more trade with Mazatlán, which is the big city in the south, that generates the need for better roads, hotel expansions, more tourism, more trade, more employment and it begins to spill throughout the south-south, up to La Concha”, he commented. 

The state official added that, without a doubt, Mazatlan is pushing and helping the development of the south of the state, making them grow in primary, secondary and tertiary activities, being less isolated from the rest of the municipalities.  

“They begin to have the opportunity to have water, agriculture grows, the more economy is generated in these cities there will be more connectivity with what Mazatlán is, these municipalities that we have in the south-south are less isolated, they are interconnected,” he said.  

Gaxiola Coppel did not want to advance who are these manufacturing companies interested in settling in the south of Sinaloa, because they are waiting for them to be convinced to invest, bet on it, and settle as soon as possible.  

Source: punto.

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