The Mazatlan Aerospace Park has completed its private landing strip


The MZT Aerospace Park project will generate more than 25 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

MAZATLAN. – The MZT Aerospace Park already has an experimental flight track and they are only waiting for approval to use it, which is estimated to be authorized for November, said project director Lino Suárez. 

He mentioned that it will be the first agro-industrial park with a private landing strip, since there is no place in the country like this with the vocation that you can build aircraft, and then take off directly from the place where they were manufactured.

He commented that the MZT Aerospace Park will be the next Silicon Valley of the aerospace industry in the world, due to the great infrastructure that is being built around it. 

Lino Suárez commented that the runways are very expensive investments, and depending on the length is the value, and the one that is being projected in the development has a cost of 200 million dollars.  

“It varies a lot, it may be larger or smaller, it is proportional and in pure technology infrastructure, which will include all services, we are talking about around 100 million dollars,” he said.  

Job Generator

He pointed out that once the entire project is completed, the park will generate approximately 8,000 high-tech jobs, but currently only around 250 people related to the construction industry work.  

He added that they already have some links to universities to prevent the migration of young people due to lack of opportunities. 

He stated that the construction is advancing and a few weeks ago the hydraulic installations of the access to the park were completed and that work is already being done on the main avenues and the natural gas pipelines. 

Aerospace Congress

The director of the project announced the possibility of bringing to the port a congress of the aerospace industry of Mexico, where entrepreneurs who represent the most important companies in the world meet.  

This would take place in March 2023 and thus phase two will continue to grow the park by 203 hectares. 

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