46 outstanding policemen recognized in Mazatlan for their outstanding work


Head of Public Security leads the delivery of recognition and incentives to police officers for their outstanding work in June and July.

MAZATLÁN.- In search of creating a better work environment and motivating the elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, today recognition and economic incentives were delivered to 46 municipal police officers, of which six women stand out. , for their work carried out during the months of June and July. 

The ceremony took place at the facilities of the Citizen Security Center and was headed by the Secretary of Public Security, Simón Malpica Hernández, who recognized the great work that the agents carry out day by day, with great courage and dedication, and who It contributes in an important way in the prevention, the construction of peace and the tranquility of all the citizens in the municipality.  

“As commander and head of this corporation, I thank you for your daily work, since it is not easy to expose your life, but I continue to invite you not to stop giving your best at all times,” he said. Malpica Hernandez. 

For his part, the coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, said that the work carried out by preventive agents on a daily basis is undoubtedly very important in society. 

“It is to recognize the effort and work, commitment and dedication that have been put into him throughout his work performance, but it is also worth recognizing those colleagues, blue blood warriors who have distinguished themselves from the rest of all of us with their good behavior. , with their behavior and commitment,” he added.  

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The ceremony was also attended by Martín Medina Arthur, Executive Secretary of the Municipal Council of Public Security; María Astrid Macías Fregoso, the director of Capta Mazatlán; the Operative Director of the Municipal Police, Pablo Ramírez Suárez; the deputy director of Municipal Traffic, deputy inspector Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious; the director of the Police Professionalization Unit, Jorge Luis Romero Alarcón, as well as Juan Manuel Ríos, representing Canaco Servitur. 

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