They protest to stop condominium construction in the Historic Center and Olas Altas


INAH calls on the Mazatlan community to work together, authorities from the three levels of government and civil society, to monitor and defend the cultural heritage of the port.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- No to the towers in the Historic Center and Olas Altas! Neighbors and civil organizations protested in Mazatlán at the corner of Sixto Osuna and Paseo Olas Altas streets.

Remember that last August 30 in this location the famous Old Port of Mazatlan was demolished, an emblematic restaurant that for decades was a meeting place for both local and foreign tourists, despite the fact that for several years the residents of the area opposed it because they built a building on this site, which obtained its building permit in 2017.

The condominium tower to be built was authorized to have 13 levels, but in the face of complaints from neighbors and demonstrations by residents and members of the Mazatlan cultural community, it was lowered to 10; however, the residents of the neighborhood continue to deny the construction because they argue that it will break the architectural environment.

INAH meets with neighbors

The National Institute of Anthropology and History in Sinaloa held a meeting with neighborhood associations, not only from the Historic Center, but from different neighborhoods, who expressed concernsdoubts and disagreements about the irregularities in the construction, especially of the towers of condominiums.

Servando Rojo Quintero, delegate of the INAH in the state, recognized the tourist boom that Mazatlan is experiencing, which is a great opportunity economically, but it can also mean a great risk if it is not properly addressed, as is already being experienced with the boom in real estate.

In the specific case of Puerto Viejo, he commented that the previous INAH delegate, Francisco Ríos Avendaño, granted the construction permit in 2017, but it is valid for only one year, so by wanting construction in the middle of 2022, it is no longer has validity.

“The previous delegate gives a permit for the construction of a 13-story building, a permit that violates the regulations, for example the urban image, but also the regulations of the Historic Center, it speaks of the COS and the CUS “, he commented.

He explained that the Coefficient of Land Occupation in the Historic Center is .8 and the Coefficient of Land Use is 1.6, that is, the buildings that are built there must not exceed three levels in height.

“In 2017 the INAH gave the permit, which is valid for one year and if the work is not started in that year it is cancelled, therefore said work was started without the permission of INAH, therefore the work was suspended” he explained.

Although he also clarified that this is not resolved simply by processing the permit again, since the norm does not allow it, for which he appealed to social unification to work together for the surveillance of the Historic Center of Mazatlan.

” Social participation is very important, it has a great weight, we bet that we jointly monitor the conservation of the Historic Center. We are going to defend that the urban image of this place is taken care of than those in buildings that break with the balance” he said.

He also stated that when the work was suspended, the attitude of the owners was very threatening, it is even said that they are going to sue the Institute, so this could lead to legal matters.

“The objectives that we have set ourselves is that heritage has also been defended by society, that heritage is not only a matter of the authorities but that it has to do with a conjunction between the three levels of government and civil society, ” he said.

Protected area

Rojo Quintero indicated that a monument becomes cultural heritage when it is appropriated by society, but there is also the legal part, which watches over and protects it.

He specified that this property is not only located in the polygon that includes the Historic Center, but is also part of the Historic Monuments Zone, which was decreed in 2001, and although it is true that the property was not a monument, it did have value. symbolic for the Mazatlecos, for which it is of total jurisdiction for the INAH.

” Mazatlan has a clearly defined zone of monuments and this is the responsibility of the INAH, the federal law stipulates that the INAH is above the state and municipal levels,” he specified.

Omitted city hall

He added that the Mazatlan City Council, through the Directorate of Planning and Sustainable Development, which is in charge of providing construction permits, has been omitted not only in this case but in many others, which makes it difficult to protect these by zones, he also recognized that there is little or no communication between the two dependencies.

“There are several actions that have been taking place in the Historic Center of Mazatlan that violate the regulations and the permits that are given in the area of ​​monuments must have the authorization of the INAH, “ he concluded.

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