There are 30 thousand vacancies available in Sinaloa


The president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa pointed out that the labor deficit is in sectors such as construction, tourism, shops and industry.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The lack of labor in Sinaloa is a serious problem for sectors such as construction, tourism, commercial and industrial, where there are 30 thousand vacancies, revealed Miguel Hernández Fonseca.

The president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa stated that the main reason is the growth that has been taking place for two years in tourismcommercial and industrial matters.

“We have a labor shortage of around 30,000 jobs in the state, of that size is the shortage of personnel that we are importing from different states of the country,” he said.

Hernández Fonseca commented that due to the shortage of personnel, workers are imported for construction from GuerreroChiapasMichoacán, and Hidalgo and in the case of tourism, personnel from Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco are being hired.

“It is a complex issus, because young people from the universities who are graduating in Mazatlan and now with the pandemic, prefer jobs that they can do from home and that affects the traditional workforce,” he said.

He argued that salaries in Sinaloa are competitive in relation to the rest of the country, although he admitted that due to the lack of qualified labor, the issue of salaries should be reviewed.

He reiterated that the labor shortage remains and that they are already preparing for the next winter period with the arrival of foreign visitors, where they even continue to hire personnel from other parts of the republic.

manage new careers

The leader of the Fecanaco announced that they have proposed meetings with the state and municipal government, as well as universities, so that they align in months of work and the technical careers, degrees and engineering that are offered are empathic with the productive sector.

“Many of the careers that universities currently have are not empathic with the productive activities that are currently emerging in Mazatlan,” he concluded.

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