Women are trained to turn skin and fish scales into handicrafts


More than 150 fisherwomen from nine cooperatives in Mazatlán and Rosario participate in this project.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Women from nine cooperatives in Mazatlán and Rosario began a workshop on sustainable tanning of recycled fish skin in saddlery and the use of scales for artisanal purposes.

With this training, women will be able to make the most of the products that the sea offers them, promote sustainable practices and generate alternatives that provide income.

The head of the special projects area of ​​the Bonfil Park Fishing Refuge, Paola Luévanos Carrillo, explained that this workshop is itinerant, in order to train a group of people so that they can later replicate the knowledge in their communities. The goal is to create a knowledge network.

“A large part of those who are going to take the course and of those who are going to retransmit it are former students of that workshop, because they are the ones who come more prepared, and they are going to be able to retransmit the knowledge to those communities. They are people who really share in fishing, they are people who are in great need, because fishing also, although it is true it is a primary activity, there are good times and bad times, and this recycling of skin, because it will bring them greater income to collect something that used to be thrown away” , he said.

Utilization of resources

On this occasion, the academic part joins the initiative, since in addition to teaching them craft techniques, they are also provided with knowledge related to climate change, pollution and the problem with plastic in the sea and how it has affected the quality of the product. sea.

The workshop will last 15 days, which is the same period of time in which the fish skin is tanned and is ready to be used in different crafts.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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