Forecast: This week Lester and Medeline could form


A busy week begins, according to the forecast there is a probability that systems 12 and 13 will develop in the Pacific

MAZATLAN. – In this season of cyclones and hurricanes, Sinaloa has a complicated week, according to the weather forecast, since the potential risk of the formation of tropical storms has a high percentage of probability with the activation of two systems in the coming days.  

The National Weather Service reported that the first active low pressure that has been under observation since last Friday, September 9, just when “Kay” affected the Baja California Sur Peninsula, maintains a 10 percent probability of cyclonic development in 48 hours and 70 in five days.  

According to the forecast, said system will become the 12th of the season that is born in the Pacific Ocean, but the 13th with development, is currently located very close to the coastal areas to the south-southwest of Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca with displacement towards West. 

The second, which can start “Madeline”, developed during the early hours of this Monday, September 12, and registers a 20 percent probability for cyclonic development in 48 hours. 

The forecast indicates that the system moves slowly to the west; Although, although it is true, it is further from the coast, but its presence can have a strong reinforcement. 

The season is notorious since the beginning of September, first with “Javier” that stayed as a tropical storm from the 1st to the 4th of this month, and immediately after it was “Kay” that reached category two as a hurricane, from the 4th to the 10th of September. and that affected Baja California Sur. 

The heat remains, according to the forecast

The forecast states that the state of Sinaloa is in the first place in high temperatures throughout the country, mainly Culiacán, marking 38.8 degrees Celsius, not counting the wind chill.  

Evaporation continues to do its thing, and for today there will be a day with conditions similar to those of yesterday, Sunday, where the heat invaded most of the Sinaloa coast, and also continued with the trend of activating foggy areas.  

Although showers are also estimated, this is indicated by the National Meteorological Service, where it foresees with the capacity to accumulate between 5 to 25 millimeters of rain, which will affect areas of southern and central Sinaloa, including Mazatlán, Concordia, El Rosario, Escuinapa, San Ignacio, Elota, Cosalá and Culiacán. 

All the conditions derive in a storm zone that continues to move from Nayarit, and that will go through the Sinaloa territory until reaching the north during the afternoon of this September 12. 

For its part, temperatures have to be monitored, since they will be from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius with an average sensation of 41 degrees, although it could be higher depending on the region. In addition, solar radiation scores 9 points. 

This also begins to notice pockets of storms with very dense clouds in Escuinapa, Rosario, Mazatlán and Mocorito during the day.  

Also in Choix, Sinaloa municipality and El Fuerte between 11 and 5:00 p.m., in addition the heat will also be active with a wind chill of up to 41 degrees.