Mazatlans Kilometer Zero recreational park is in poor condition


Jumapam has unfinished work, which is a risk for those who like to enjoy this recreation site

The Kilometer Zero recreational park, located on Leonismo Internacional Avenue, is currently in poor condition since the place seems abandoned by the authorities, who have neglected maintenance.

The people who attend the place enter with fear of having an accident, since there is an open sewer, added to that, the grass has not been pruned and some protection bars are already rusty.

Inhabitants of the Stadium Fraccionamiento, which is right in front, and people who come to carry out physical activities in the area, stated that the Jumapam, a month ago, began to repair a sewer, but left the concrete open and has not repaired it yet.

They stated that the maintenance work was no longer carried out in the place, so they ask the authorities for their support so that they come to finish what they started, since it is a very crowded place, in addition to saying they know that tennis classes are given there , basketball, to name a few sports.

The Mazatlan Post