Mazatlan restaurants no longer have a place to accommodate so many diners


Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, the representative of the restaurateurs, said that there were diners for all kinds of businesses.

MAZATLAN. – 2022 has been an important year in every way for the restaurant sector in Mazatlan because it was the post-pandemic year and the economic spillover that took place during the summer holidays stands out.

For the president of the National Chamber of Restaurants and Seasoned Foods in Mazatlan (Canirac), Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, 2022 was 20 percent higher than 2019, the year before the pandemic, and he described it as a historical figure for destiny.

This, despite the fact that the economy of the people continues to be affected by Covid-19 and the warlike situations in other countries.

Tourism on the beaches of Mazatlan, summer 2022

Rodríguez Becerra said that, according to the figures that Canirac has, with its 120 affiliated restaurants, commerce, in general, did very well, because people with high purchasing power have arrived at the sun and beach destination as well as people with small budget.

“Many people complained that they did not come with purchasing power, I think that from the tourism that came there was for everything, both for those who came to high-end restaurants, there were also people who ate tacos on the street,” he said.

He explained that one of the main attractions of Mazatlan is gastronomy, from seafood to the traditional of the region.

He shared that the problem is not the lack of diners, but the excess because there is no longer where to accommodate them.

He added that they estimate the destination will continue to move forward and grow for at least 10 more years, although one of the biggest problems they continue to have is the workforce.  


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