Mazatlán’s Torre Buks offers modern, safe and efficient spaces  


Torre Buks is the only corporate building in Mazatlan, with the highest security and technology standards.

MAZATLAN.- Have you ever dreamed of working with a view of the sea, in facilities with the highest technology in which you feel proud to receive your clients? Don’t dream it anymore, make it come true!  

Torre Buks is the first and most complete corporate tower in Mazatlan that offers spaces for tenants to design and build their offices according to their needs, taking advantage of every last inch to create an attractive, safe, efficient office with state-of-the-art technology. 

Photo: Karyna Sanchez

Daniel Peña Díaz, the commercial manager, explains that in Torre Buks they offer clients much more than a space, they offer the possibility that each one imagines, design, and create their corporate offices projecting the status of their company, while providing comfort and security with the highest technology.  

“Buks offers spaces that you can condition, personalize, give the concept and projection you need,” emphasizes Peña Díaz.  

Torre Buks has custom spaces

In Torre Buks you can rent from 72 to 830 square meters, depending on the needs of your company. 

Peña Díaz comments that there are floors that the company itself modulated with spaces of 72, 84, 86 or 95 square meters, and these same ones can be merged to set up an office of the size that is needed.  

There are also apartments with larger spaces, 270 square meters; or complete floors of up to 830 square meters, in the case of very large companies.  

“The possibility of having larger spaces makes it even easier for you to have meeting rooms, training rooms within your own office and stop subleasing or subcontracting, in fact, we have had clients who have meeting rooms in their projects and can do coworking , and a very important point is that we do allow them to sublease”, he says.  

This, allows them to set up an office with meeting or training rooms that they can rent and that can help them pay their rent.  

He ensures that the clients they have so far not only met, but exceeded their expectations in terms of technology, security and presentation.  

Common areas and services  

And, if something else could be missing, Torre Buks offers benefits and services for its community.  

A main lobby that, in addition to offering the service of directing visitors to the correct office, works as a first filter, providing the security that not just anyone will enter the tower.  

Photo: Karyna Sanchez

There is a Deli Cafeteria in the main Lobby that allows tenants to offer a good cup of coffee or even a snack to their guests.  

A dining area for employees was implemented, which in addition to allowing them to taste their own food, also offers healthy meals.  

“With this dining room we are avoiding that in the office space the client has to dedicate meters to make a dining room and the issue of odors, the collaborators can go down to the dining room, which is super nice, and have fresh waters, a salad or any complement they need for their food”, he highlights.  

Another common service is valet parking, which provides comfort to visitors by not having to deal with parking problems.  

The entire infrastructure of the tower has first-class services, the restrooms are well-equipped, presentable and clean, and it avoids sacrificing square meters of the office to install a private restroom, although if desired, each space has the possibility of do it. 

“The idea is that the space you want to rent, no matter how small, is 100 percent usable for your offices and facilities, there is an excellent distribution of spaces and the price per square meter is low,” he says.  

And as if all this were not enough, the tenants of Torre Buks have the benefit of a medium voltage electricity rate, which allows them to save up to 33 percent compared to the commercial rate.  

Are you interested?  

The Buks Tower is open to practically any business, among its clients there are real estate, industrial, notary, publicists, etc. 

“It is practically for everyone who needs an office and wants it to be modern, safe and efficient,” says Peña Díaz.  

Torre Buks is located on Avenida Camarón Sábalo 131, you can schedule your appointment at 669 112 1689 or send a message to Whats App 669 213 1509.   

 Do you dare to have an office facing the sea? 


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