Heavy rains drag tons of garbage into drainages in Mazatlan


The Directorate of Public Services revealed that 11 tons of waste dragged by rains were collected.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Once again, the accumulated garbage was washed away by the water from the rains recorded this Wednesday in Mazatlan, which caused a blockage in the collectors and storm drains, both in the Golden Zone and in the Center of Mazatlan.

After a tour of the cityMayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres pointed out that the common denominator among the floods generated in different sectors was mainly the accumulation of garbage, which covered drains and collectors, for which he called for citizen awareness.

” That always happens, people throw garbage, mainly in three, four places that we have detected and that we are looking for a way to solve. The cleaning operations have been working perfectly well, but remember that we are working, that very soon we will solve the avenue that it gives us more problems, with the sump “, he said.

For his part, the director of Municipal Public Services, David Ibarra, stated that after the rain11 tons of garbage accumulated in the city’s sewers and collectors were collected.

He explained that the waste was removed from the different sewers and collectors of the city, which continues to be an alarming situation for the port, since this causes an increase in the risk of flooding.

“ So far we have collected around 11 tons of garbage from all the sewers that are blocking us, and we still haven’t finished counting the garbage,” he said.

They call not to litter

Given this, he called on the public, so that they do not throw garbage into the street because the drains are covered and that generates floods in various sectors of the city.

The Public Services crew that mobilized removed waste such as plastic, bags, food, cardboard, branches and leaves from these places.

In the Roosevelt collector grid system, between Benito Juárez and Roosevelt streets, plastics of all kinds and other debris saturated the drainage system and prevented the free flow of water.

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