Passenger bus overturns on the Culiacán-Mazatlán highway; several injuries reported


The incident was recorded at kilometer 169, the point where the rescue forces go to get the passengers out.

Sin.- This Tuesday morning, a rollover-type accident occurred involving a passenger bus on the maxipista highway at kilometer 169, in Culiacán,  for which rescue personnel immediately moved to the point.

About this fact, it is commented that there are several injured people and even one that would have been pressed by the unit. Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is presumed that there is at least one person dead in this event that involves a bus from the Futura line. 

C4i Culiacán issued a traffic alert about this event that occurred on the Culiacán-Mazatlán highway, before reaching Costa Rica, at the Santa Lucía gas station, since the vehicular flow is slow and it is sought to avoid more accidents while carrying out relief work.

Agents of the National Guard Highway Division were the first responders in the area, and according to the graphics sent by witnesses of the events, they immediately began to support the passengers to leave the unit. 

The lilac-colored truck was left on its right side, and everything could indicate a bad movement on the steering wheel by the driver, who is unknown if he is still in the area, or as in other cases, he ended up fleeing. 

In the area there is also a truck from the Elite line, which is unknown if it is about to witness the situation, to participate, or to support the transfer of passengers who were unharmed and who must continue on their way.


The Mazatlan Post