Mazatlan aquatic squad rescue units are busy saving lives


The Aquatic Rescue Squad urges bathers, in general, to heed all the recommendations to avoid an accident.

MAZATLAN. – The holidays continue and here at Punto MX we like to update you, so we bring you a count of all the water rescues that took place in the port during the last week. 

As we are during the summer vacation period, hundreds of tourists took the opportunity to enjoy themselves in restaurants, clubs, and bars, but especially on the boardwalk and beaches, which caused some incidents to occur, which we are going to review day by day.  

What was it and why?  

In total, the Aquatic Rescue Squadron has rescued 22 people alive, mostly tourists, but unfortunately, 4 bathers lost their lives. 

Saturday, July 30 

Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad of the Municipal Police carried out a rescue of 3 bathers who were dragged by a return current in the Cerritos 1 beach area. 

Iván “N” (36), Adrick “N” (13) and Uriel “N” (18), all from León, Guanajuato, who did not require medical attention, were saved.  

On the same day, but in different beach areas, agents from the Municipal Police Aquatic Rescue Squad managed to rescue 14 swimmers that afternoon. 

In El Sábalo 1, at the height of the parking lot of the old El Faro hotel, a group of people had difficulty getting out of the sea, so, with the support of a jetski and beach service providers, they pulled Ivana (12 years), María José (12), Ana Victoria (12), Michelle (13), Alba (47), Mía (12) and Juan (37), originally from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. 

Only the last of them required transfer to hospital for treatment. 

They were also made safe in this same place: Julia (15 years old), Noé (13), Angélica (15), and Eduardo (15), from Chihuahua. 

In the beach area in front of Del Mar and Ferrusquilla avenues, the municipal lifeguards supported Alejandro and Aaron “N”, 20 and 25 years old, originally from Durango, to get out of the sea. 

In that same area, Alberto “N”, 25, a resident of the Juárez neighborhood, was also rescued and required transfer to the hospital. 


Sunday, July 31 

Unfortunately, that Sunday the death of 3 tourists was recorded. 

The first case was reported to 911 on Saturday afternoon when a tourist went swimming in the golden zone and due to the high waves he was dragged by the sea, so rescue corporations helped him get out of the water, but he died before arriving. to hospital. 

And on the morning of that day the bodies of two drowned men appeared on the sand, on the beach known as Sábalo 1. 

The corpses were thrown by the strong swells that are recorded in the port. 

Monday, August 1 

This rescue took place on the Island of Los Chivos, elements of the Municipal Police Aquatic Rescue Squad were alerted to a person who had difficulty getting out of the sea, so they came to his rescue.  

The person had rented an inflatable, but the sea conditions were not favorable.  

With the support of a kayak, the swimmer was helped and was finally out of danger, Osiel “N”, 17 years old, who came from San Luis Potosí, was handed over to his mother. 

 Tuesday, August 2 

 The first rescue was in the area called Sábalo 2, at the height of the Star Palace hotel, with the support of the lifeguard of said lodging center. They hurt “N”, 21 years old, originally from San Luis Potosí, he only presented fatigue. 

 The other rescue was in front of Avenida del Mar, with the support of a jetski. 

Andre Agustín “N”, 44 years old, originally from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, was treated in the beach area, and unnecessarily transferred to the hospital. 

Saturday, August 6 

In the Cerritos 1 beach area, agents of the Aquatic Police activated the rescue protocols yesterday afternoon and managed to save two swimmers. 

 With the support of the Riu hotel lifeguard, they rescued Francesco N, 27, originally from Mexico City, from the side of the stones. 

It was later reported that another person was pulled out to sea, and after putting him on dry land, he said his name was Javier Iván “N”, 45, originally from Monterrey, who also did not require a hospital transfer. 

 Take note! 

The Aquatic Rescue Squad urges bathers, in general, to ask the lifeguards about the sea conditions in the beach area they want to enjoy and follow the recommendations given to them in order to avoid risks or incidents.  

Entering the sea while intoxicated is totally prohibited. 

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