Zipline in sight! API announces new attraction of the Lighthouse to the Mazatlán Observatory 1873


In a month the construction of the zip line could begin and by the end of the year, it would be inaugurated.

MAZATLAN. – A zip line from the Crestón hill to the Mazatlán 1873 Observatory, will be the new tourist attraction that will be added to Mazatlán and that could be ready at the end of 2022 or in January 2023, as reported by the director of the Comprehensive Port Administration, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón.

He mentioned that it is a project that is undergoing permit procedures, both with Semarnat and with the rest of the authorities, and could have a length of approximately 1,250 meters.  

“We hope that in a month we will begin to make the zip line that will go down from Cerro del Crestón to the Observatory, we already have the project finished, I think it will be something spectacular for cruise passengers and tourists who arrive in Mazatlan,” he said. .  

Photo: Courtesy Facebook Observatory 1873

Ancona Infazón estimated that in a few 15 days the project will already be starting, once this is done, they will work on the issue of granting it, being the businessman Amado Guzmán, director of the Observatory, the one interested in this.  

“What we have tried is that things be done when we already have all the papers and permits to avoid anything. He will be held in session and a contract will be made. Amado Guzmán, he has to give me the information on how much it costs and others, ”he declared.  

It is not the first time that they intend to build a zip line that goes from Paseo del Centenario to Cerro del Crestón. Since 2018 the intention had been sought, however, the residents of the area opposed the project, being stopped.  

At that time, it was the businessman Giancarlo Parolari who was looking for this attraction and even his plan b was to take the zip line to the rural area, but nothing has been known about it either.  


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