SOP Sinaloa public works on alternative accesses for El Quelite and Imala


The Secretary of Public Works of the State informed the public that access to the community of El Quelite in Mazatlán is only taking place through the road that communicates with Mármol that connects the maxi track with the Mexico 15.

quelite bridge

Secretary José Luis Zavala Cabanillas informed that the repair works of the provisional passage that was over the river will be carried out once the strong avenues diminish and allow the entry of machinery.

quelite bridge

The state official also mentioned that the problem of the sinkhole that appeared on the Culiacán-Imala highway is already being repaired by the personnel of the secretariat, however, he reported that a provisional passage is being opened for the traffic of motorists, which It will be ready at noon this Sunday.

quelite bridge

Photos: Courtesy SSPM


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