Mazatlán could have a Tourist Corridor that leads to the Pino Suárez Market


It is a comprehensive project, which will go from the San José Temple, Cathedral, and Plazuela de Los Leones, to the Market.

MAZATLAN. – Can you imagine having another Tourist Corridor in Mazatlan? It is a short time from becoming a reality, or at least that is the plan.

In search of having a new tourist product in the port and giving another plus to the Historic Center, the three levels of government met last Friday with the idea of ​​generating a wider range of options for national and foreign tourism. 

The meeting was between the representative of the Secretary of Public Works of the State Government, Manuel Acosta; the head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, Servando Rojo Quintero; the president of the José María Pino Suárez Municipal Market Tenants Union, Alejandro Bernal Reyes, and the architect Johnson Herick Gutiérrez, who presented the project.

Two municipal councilors, Martín Pérez Torres and Jesús Osuna Lamarque, also attended the meeting.

The councilor of the National Action Party, Martín Pérez Torres, explained that the project aims to be one more attraction for Mazatlán

“During the meeting, the architect spoke about continuing with the remodeling of the Market, and in turn said about a Tourist Corridor that runs from the San José Church, through the Plazuela República, the Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, to the Pino Market. Suárez”, explained the alderman. 

“There are historical monuments that are there and few know about them, for example, the San José church was the first in Mazatlan, it must have a lot of history,” said the councilor.    

He commented that Mazatlán needs more attractions, to make its history known, and without a doubt the Tourist Corridor is a very good idea, because the downtown roads will also be improved, but also the sidewalks. 

“All this is the Historic Center, it needs to be connected and it is not just the restaurants or bars, but also the Basilica, the market, the San José temple, that tourism returns is in everyone’s hands,” said Martín Pérez. 

Improvements include tree planting

The councilor of the PAS Sinaloenses Party, Jesús Osuna Lamarque, said that the conservation, maintenance and continuation of another stage and the introduction of underground electrical wiring are also being considered.

It is also sought to make Leandro Valle and Melchor Ocampo streets semi-pedestrianized, and to improve the Plazuela de los Leones.

He indicated that the State Government is already carrying out the executive project to see how much resources are needed, first for the market and then the so-called Tourist Corridor.

In addition, he said the area will also be planted with trees.

“It comes to preserve the historical, that the streets are beautiful, the sidewalks a tree planting, organize the merchants around the market so that the stalls have a standard size and have a nice visit, not remove them or move them, just look for it to look more beautiful everything,” he stressed.  

They seek to extend the Historic Center

The architect in charge, Johnson Herick Gutiérrez, indicated that the trigger for the project is the “José María Pino Suárez” Municipal Market.  

He said that the restoration project of the “steel giant” is already several years old, but it is getting closer to reality.

He explained that the Historic Center is more than Plazuela Machado.

“And I insist is a proposal to form a circuit in the spaces of interest, with the intention that what is known as the Historic Center begins to spread,” said Herick Gutiérrez.  

The benefit is for everyone

Alejandro Bernal Reyes, president of the Union of Tenants of the José María Pino Suárez municipal market, stated that the proposal by the architect Jhonson Herick will benefit everyone in general.  

“It is a proposal of principle of the architect, he showed it to the authorities who were present as well as to the table of the Union of Tenants, we see a very interesting proposal,” he said. 

The municipal market leader commented that this will give more life to the entire area that will be included in the corridor since the Supply Center is a must-see.


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