Construction of new overpasses for Mazatlan is already in the process 


According to Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the governor is looking to include them in next year’s budget.

MAZATLAN. – The construction of the overpasses in Mazatlan is almost a fact, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who reported that the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, is already doing the management procedures for its construction.  

He pointed out that the governor is seeking to include them in the federal budget for next year, because the cost of each of them is approximately just over 200 million pesos.  

“The overpasses are coming and let’s see if they can be included in next year’s federal budget.”  

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The president indicated that these underpasses are urgent in the port because this would alleviate the traffic that is generated and that causes traffic jams in different parts of the city. He recognized that Mazatlan is becoming more crowded with tourists every day, which adds to this problem, which is why its construction is necessary immediately.  

“Yes, it is true, they are very necessary because the avenues such as Delfín, Santa Rosa and Cristóbal Colón are not going to be enough, right now I see the lines of cars on the avenues and it is incredible, we have more tourism than during Easter”.  

Let us remember that the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry pointed out that the port is lagging behind in terms of roads and that, given the increase in vehicles, there are at least 11 critical points where it is necessary to improve circulation with overpasses. 

Where will they be located?  

Previously, the Secretariat of Public Works of the State of Sinaloa, reported that it projects the construction of three overpasses; one of them at the intersection of Luis Donaldo Colosio and Juan Pablo Segundo avenues, but until now, Benítez Torres does not know where in the city they could be placed.  

Are there new projects?  

Without giving more details, the municipal president said that during an express meeting he held with the governor they agreed to create new projects, all for the benefit of Mazatlan.  


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