COMPETE has had good support from caps and PET in the first half of 2022


MAZATLAN. – For Grupo Compete, the return to face-to-face classes has been positive for the reception of caps and PET, announced Jorge Sánchez García, administrator of the foundation.

He explained that at the end of the first semester of 2022, the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, based in Culiacán, has benefited greatly from the donations made by citizens.  

He commented that in addition to schools, they also support around 14 companies.

But not only that, Compete also provides talks and information on the importance of helping others, said Sánchez García.

“What we get from PET or Tapita we sell an important part is for the making of wigs which are sent to Querétaro and cost 500 pesos each,” he said.  

He commented that in these first 6 months 42 thousand pesos have been collected in pure caps and PET, but they expect this amount to triple during November, when they carry out the Trenzatapatón. 

Particiapant enterprises

Marine Industries SA de CV  


The Inn Hotel Group 

Polytechnic University of Sinaloa  

Corn Industrial  

Aztec Fishing  


Consultants and Associates 

PMM Messaging  

Freezer Pinsa 

Sugar Foods  



S.A.M. College 

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