Foreigners based in Mazatlan are the ones who can comment about the safety of the destination: Capta


María Astrid Macías Fregoso, maintains that there is no city in the world that is one hundred percent safe, and everyone makes an effort as a government to maintain order and tranquility for its citizens, in Mazatlán it is no exception.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Foreign residents are the greatest ambassadors to promote and speak with the truth about how Mazatlan really is and is, as a sun and beach destination, but mainly about security, above the alerts or the events that happen from time to time. isolated manner, expressed  María Astrid Macías Fregoso .

The director of the Center for Attention and Protection of Tourists in Mazatlan, commented that there is no city in the world that is one hundred percent safe, since there are always events that break with the tranquility of society, but that does not mean that they are in the hands of criminals, in the case of the port there are constant efforts between agencies, corporations and authorities to avoid violence as much as possible.

“We would need to do a survey to find out what the general perception is of all the tourists who come, but what I do believe is that the community that lives here in the city are great ambassadors of what they live here, because they precisely choose Mazatlan, because in another destination of sun and beach there is no such community that they live and that really feel comfortable in a city with services, with infrastructure”.

Macías Fregoso pointed out that Capta does work and balances with information about the total reality that Mazatlan lives in other parts of the world, and from the same country, since information is uploaded about what happens, but with the actions that are done to guarantee a destination safe tourism for all.

He recalled that in Mazatlán there is a wide community of foreign citizens, mainly Canadians and Americans, with whom there is close communication to know what they occupy and what they need to do for the benefit of all, for this reason the North American consul in Guadalajara will visit and carry out activities in the port, in a couple more weeks.

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