Mazatlan bathers will be in the sights of 30 lifeguards this summer


During the summer vacation period, the Aquatic Squadron in Mazatlan will reinforce the beaches of the port with lifeguards.

MAZATLAN. – The commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squad in Mazatlan, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, pointed out that during these summer vacations, it is important that visitors and locals pay attention to the signs and instructions of the lifeguards in each of the beach areas, since many times they do not obey and this complicates everything.   

He expressed that there will be a deployment of 30 lifeguard elements from Cerritos to Isla de la Piedra, with the intention of preventing drowning, providing recommendations or making calls for attention so that everything flows in the best way when entering the sea.  

“One of the problems we have right now is that, on Avenida Del Mar and Deportes, where the trucks arrive, tourism usually goes up and goes directly to the beach , so they don’t see the flags, or signs, but we already have staff in the place to give recommendations”, indicated Espinoza Bastidas.  

He explained that during these first seven months of 2022 there are more than 70 water rescues, he said that despite being on the lookout at all points, sometimes it is complicated, since the signs are not attended to , they are introduced in denim pants, clothes not adequate or under the flows of alcohol.   

life jacket
Lifeguard elements of the Mazatlan Aquatic Squad. Photo: Courtesy

The commander stated that the most dangerous points on the beach are the rocky area and the return current, especially on the Del Mar and Deportes and Insurgentes avenues, as well as from Valentinos to the Misión hotel.  

Summer operation

Next Friday, July 15, the summer operation will start, which will end on August 22, and it is expected that elements and lifeguards from different corporations will be attentive to any emergency that occurs during those dates, since at that time it is estimated a large flow of people. 

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