Alice is at the wheel! If you see her, say hello, she is the new bus operator in Mazatlan


She fulfilled her dream of driving a bus, but her background has brought her from delivering pizzas and even driving forklifts!

Mazatlan .- “Carmen I lost the chain with the Christ of the Nazarene, that you gave me, Carmen, that you gave me …”, sounds this morning while the unit of the Alliance of Urban buses of the Villa route advances Galaxia-Mañanitas with several passengers on board.

Whoever drives does it with skill, his hands are protected with gloves, the name of Alicia is tattooed on his left arm, he wears a uniform shirt; and like the song by Los Tucanes it goes mirroring from “left, to right, up, in front; and up, in front, left, right.

This is Alicia Lizárraga, 29 years old. Last April 16, she joined the Alliance as an urban bus operator, first because she has always been called the large motor units and, second, because she has been driving this type of vehicle for nine years; she has experience.

Within the guild she has earned the respect of her colleagues, she may not be the first woman “bus driver” in the history of the transport organization, but Alicia proudly tells that in her working life she has always sought to gain space, leave a mark as the first woman in…

“Actually, yes, because many times I have left traces in companies by being the first woman to grab a forklift, and right now, for example, in buses; but we also show that women can, not just men.”

Pizza, fruit and vegetable delivery, and even a forklift operator is part of her work experience, and that gave her the courage to go look for a job in this sector dominated by men, but which also gives opportunities to brave women like Alicia.

— Who invited you to join the Bus Alliance?

“No one, I came by myself and settled down, I went to ask if they grabbed women, they told me yes, they asked me for some papers, and I brought them, and they grabbed me right away.”

With six daily laps aboard the unit, four days a week, Alicia feels happy and calm at the wheel, always trying to treat passengers with respect, preserving her life and her own, and taking care of the unit, because she does not fight for passage nor drives fast.

She likes to serve people because she also loves listening to the passenger who, when they get off, says: “thank you, good luck, have a good day.” This mitigates the fatigue of getting up every day at 4:00 in the morning to go to work and coming home almost at 11:00 at night.

Alicia smiles when they tell her if this is her passion; Her white teeth “contained” by the “braces” appear and she replies sure, so sure that one of her greatest dreams is to drive down the road driving a huge trailer, why not, with a double trailer.


The Mazatlan Post