Marina Mazatlan Hospital inaugurates Intensive Care Unit 


The director of the hospital, Jesús Manuel Santiago Osuna, said that the goal is for patients to feel as if they were in a hotel, comfortable, but with specialist and quality medical care.

MAZATLAN. – The Marina Mazatlán Hospital is constantly updated, on this occasion, it inaugurated its Intensive Care Unit, which qualified as the first world, and with infrastructure and equipment that is unique in the northwest of the country.  

The unit will be named Dr. Matías Eduardo Zazueta, in honor of the specialist who works at the hospital and who for years has left his experience marked on the new generations.  

Matías Eduardo Zazueta explained that at least 5 patients can be treated at the same time, in addition, the intensive care environment was designed to relieve stress, with large and comfortable spaces.  

“The intensive care environment is chaotic and the patient and family release a lot of stress and that is why it was designed that way, to release stress and make the patient more comfortable and the family member also feel more comfortable in a chaotic situation. I dare say it is the best in the entire Northwest region,” she stated.  

Hospital Marina Mazatlán was born in 2014 when a group of health professionals had the vision of building the best hospital in the northwest of the country, derived from a situational analysis, where they identified areas of opportunity.  

They currently have internal medicine, bariatric surgery, aesthetics, necrology, thorax, neurosurgery, pediatrics, emergencies, obstetrics and gynecology, and gastroenterology, among many others. It is located on Carlos Canseco Avenue, number 6048, in La Marina.  

As if you were in a hotel 

For the director of Hospital Marina Mazatlán, Jesús Manuel Santiago Osuna, arriving to be treated at the hospital is like living the experience of being in a hotel, but with the necessary medical attention, that is, in a comfortable, quiet and quality space. .  

“The concept of Hospital Marina is precisely that the patient has the feeling as if he were in a hotel, it will change a series of treatments and nursing services that the patient requires,” he said.  

Santiago Osuna added that the differentiator with the rest of the hospitals is the embedding of an intensive therapy that has grown and that has been updated in technology that was necessary due to the demand we had from patients, chaining a series of updates with specialized people that make them unique in critical medicine.  


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