Checkpoints intensify to prevent armed people from entering Mazatlan


In the event that vans with armed people persecuted by federal forces arrive in Mazatlán, the port’s Secretary of Public Security, Simón Malpica, said that a checkpoint was established on Tuesday at the Marmol toll booth, but they never crossed this border. He added that yesterday night a person with a firearm was arrested in Flores Magón and two more people in Habalito del Tubo for firing shots into the air.

In an interview with the police chief, prior to a mass at the Mazatlan Cathedral for “Police Day”, he also reported that two people fell on motorcycles with reports of theft.

Malpica acknowledged that given the events of recent weeks with armed people in neighboring municipalities and to avoid the “cockroach effect,” he said that inspections and checkpoints have been intensified in the city at the entrances and exits.

To the question, he said that if he is concerned about the movement of armed people and therefore the constant operations in the city.

The main police officers participated in the mass in the Cathedral, headed by the local Secretary of Public Security.


The Mazatlan Post