Buyer Beware: The sale of Sinaloa properties is not regulated: frauds are reported


The Real Estate Law of the State of Sinaloa needs to be reformed, or they will continue to drive investors away

MAZATLÁN.- It is important that all the people who are involved in the purchase and sale of properties, whether land or real estate, are trained and professionalized in legislative matters since there are records of fraud, said the president of the Council of Notaries Public in Sinaloa, Rodrigo Llausas Azcona. 

He explained that people who are interested in buying a property must verify that they are free of liens, and that they do not have any kind of legal problem or that there is no identity theft.

“There were people who invested significant amounts of money, and they returned in search of their sixth floor, and the second had not even been built, those people were threatened and preferred to leave, it is important that the notaries public, but especially the Real Estate agents and Raíces have knowledge and are updated”, said Llausa Azcona. 

The leader pointed out that many people have lost their interest in investing in Mazatlan due to fraud.

For example, he said, some foreigners paid a large sum for a property and when they arrived at the port they found that the site did not exist.

He explained that identity theft cases occur due to a lack of mechanisms in the public registry of property.


The Mazatlan Post